Nom Nom Ohm: When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Chandeliers

As is often the result of Segall’s practice, this installation leverages the allure of a striking visual experience to seduce visitors in order to bring awareness to the simple means by which environmental responsibility can be attained. Reminiscent of the classic potato clock displayed at student science fairs, Nom Nom Ohm dilates this experiment to an elaborate extreme. The chandeliers, illuminated by the electrolyte-rich fruits, behave like a modern day vanitas, mimicking earlier genres of still life painting that aimed to reflect on the transience of desire and decay. To maintain power, the fruit is replaced periodically as it wilts over time. As a means to illustrate the amount of material needed to adopt this approach of power sourcing, the discarded fruit will remain on display in the gallery as a visual representation of the bio-matter necessary to power the chandeliers for the installation’s duration. At the close of the exhibition, all of the produce used throughout the project will be donated to the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s compost program.

Special thanks to Essex Street Market vendor Viva Fruits and Vegetables for supporting this installation.

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