sette stagioni dello spirito – controracconto

A film by Gian Maria Tosatti
Curated by Sanna Almajedi

Exhibition Dates:
 January 13 – January 17, 2017
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Sunday, 12-6pm
Location: 120 Essex Street NY, NY 10002 (inside Essex Street Market)

sette stagioni dello spirito – controracconto (seven seasons of the spirit – counter tale) is a film by Gian Maria Tosatti documenting a project he carried out from 2013 to 2016, which encompassed the entire city of Naples, Italy. Tosatti used Naples as a stage for interventions that were in the form of environmental installations — a site could look as if it was untouched, and abandoned by humans, while in fact it was entirely constructed by the artist. A surreal twist would typically be incorporated into the setting: several rooms in a hallway will look exactly the same, but differ slightly, creating an underlying tension within the viewers’ unconsciousness. Through this project, Tosatti redefined the relationship between art and community. The artwork was integrated into the city in an almost unnoticed way, unconsciously affecting the people of Naples as they were going about their everyday life.

Naples became the ground for Tosatti to explore the concepts of good and evil inspired by the book The Interior Castle (1577), in which St. Teresa of Avila divides the human spirit into seven chambers. The citizens of Naples became the performers of the artwork by wandering around the city, and engaging in the seven different sites of intervention. The journey between the sites posed a narrative that questioned the viewers’ ethical responsibility toward the city of Naples, highlighting some of its problematic history.

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