SexEd: Chapter 1

This exhibition is a launch pad for SexEd, with a call for community participation via a YouTube video call, which invites the public to become part of this project through the submission of videos that answer the question, “What do you wish someone taught or told you about sex?“ Meant to inspire a sense of community and information exchange around the topic of sex, the YouwishyouwouldhaveknownTube project is an open call for a collective response to the aforementioned challenge.

The exhibition features:
3 commissioned artists’ videos responding to the call:
Rebecca Herman and Mark Shoffner
Johana Moscoso
Karen B. K. Chan
A repository for the growing collection of self-produced sex education lessons
Community-based public programming that will facilitate new video-making and sexual health awareness
Information-exchange about SexEd’s various projects and future residency program

SexEd is an ongoing quest to expose the current state of sexual education in the US, encourage a public discourse around the topics of sexual health and education, and develop a sex education curriculum that is artist-inspired and community-based—something currently not in existence in the United States.

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