“SHADOW CABINET” A Loyal Opposition Response

State (Wolfgang Staehle), Defense (Peter Fend), Navy (Marie Lorenz), Interior (Alice Outwater), Labor (Fred Lonidier), Treasury (Stan Cox), Energy (Brian Holmes), Education (Franz Vila), Media (Coleen Fitzgibbon), E.P.A. (Brittany Prater), United Nations (Joan Waltemath), Intel (Jakob S. Boeskov), Justice (Gregory Lehmann)

On View: January 20 – March 5, 2017
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12-6p

The vow to “Make America Great Again” raises many questions. First, When was the Antecedent? The Original Thirteen Colonies? The pan-Continental Union after the Civil War? The expansion to the Philippines and Cuba in 1898? The World Power that dropped nuclear bombs? The inclusion of Hawaii and Alaska, thanks to victory over Japan, in the late 1950s? The Union adjusted after Civil Rights legislation, or riots, in the 1960s? Which America, how large, was the Greatest?

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