an installation by Joshua Johnson
Presented as part of the Workspace 2016 series, featuring the work of LES Studio Program artists-in-residence

Exhibition Dates: November 4 through December 4, 2016
Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Sunday, 12-6pm
Location: 120 Essex Street NY, NY 10002 (inside Essex Street Market)

Interview Schedule
All interviews will begin around their scheduled time and will be broadcasted live at the links below. The interviews will also be on view in the gallery throughout the exhibition and archived on  http://xtrotecture.com.

Saturday, December 3 @5p: Peter Fend , (click here to watch the LIVE)
Thursday, November 17 @ 5p: Ross Exo Adams, (click here to watch the LIVE)
Sunday, November 6 @ 11:30a: Peter Fend, (click here to watch the LIVE)

Oozing around the pores and navigating the epidermal whorls of the fingertips like rats in a maze, bacteria slithers out across the nacreous surface of the screen, tracing the outline of an ergonomic gesture designed in a lab half a continent away. Black-boxed and hand-held, a 5G signal hops across the radio spectrum, is netted by a metal spire, and routed via fiber-optic to a server-farm miles out. Handshakes are exchanged, keys decrypted. Data is analyzed and calculated by algorithms. A response bounces back in microsecond clicks: “Gotta catch ‘em all!”

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