Ayana Evans

2018 Residency: September through December

My on-going performances/public interventions include: “Operation Catsuit,” “I Just Came Here to Find a Husband,” and a new series of collaborative works with artists of diverse backgrounds. These performances map how my body is perceived and treated as it operates in artistic and social spheres. The collaboration that I recently completed in Accra, Ghana spoke to the complex history of African slavery and its modern affects on Black America. Through participatory performance art-practices I hope to critically explore the semiotic and political economies of presumed knowledge that are lived through my body. Making-Art-While-a-Woman-and-Black is a matter of conceptually choosing how I perform my ‘self’ through different negotiations of social ideals ¬†and manifestations. People frequently articulate these ideals through different modes of appearances in daily (ritualistic-habitual-cultural) living practices. I often perform these struggles through mundane repetitive movements, or high-risk physical acts in my work.

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