Ariel Reichman

2015 Residency: September through November

Born in South Africa, Ariel Reichman immigrated to Israel in 1991, and has been living in Berlin since 2004. He is a conceptual artist working in the fields of photography, film, performance, drawing, sculpture and installation. In his practice, he examines subjective memories, daily rituals and fantasies, considering the ways in which intimacy can help explain the political. His practice is sometimes referred to as conceptual expressionism.

“I am attracted by the state-of-mind of things; the possibility of encountering victory as well as defeat and total failure -never gazing from a distance, as the other, but rather working from the inside. Surely the intimate is political, and through this agreement one can attempt to understand the politics of one’s self and one’s surroundings, be it truth or fiction, historical reality or fable. The intimate can help explain the political in a profound and deep way.”.

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