ha:ar (Arda Yalkin and Hande Sekerciler)

2018 Residency: March through May 2018

Admirers of classical art and modern technology, the Istanbul based artist duo ha:ar (Arda Yalkin and Hande Sekerciler) create an unusual body of works realized through the mastery of classical sculpting methods blended with video, digital imaging, and digital sculpting techniques. Plasticity of classical art and contemporary aesthetics are brought together through their collaborative efforts. Topics addressed highlight the existential struggles of humankind in a technological environment and conflicts brought about by the civilization we have built.

While in secondary school, Arda Yalkin developed an interest in computers (Commodore, Amiga, 8088 processors) and rock’n’roll music. Since 2014 he has worked with sound technology and organized live video performances for international musicians and festivals; directing music videos and commercials for major companies. As an artist Arda produces 2D and 3D animations, stop-motion, synthesizes sounds & images, photography, and interactive media. He describes his practice as referring to “unpleasant subjects such as power dynamics, consumer society, assimilation, war, politics, religion, and dissolution”. Arda attaches great importance to the tactics that drive consumer ads, mainstream movies, and mass media. His methodology, which he describes as a form of reverse engineering is a commentary on how capital and the power of politics apply refined and well-crafted techniques of communication in order to exploit the masses.

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