Judith Leinen

Residency: September through November 2019

The work of Judith Leinen is the product of communication within a collection of experiences consisting of space, language, encounters, and material. It is first and foremost sculptural. Leinen’s installations and mobile pieces want to tell stories but listen to stories as well. They are triggers of communication that use archetypal opportunities of places while extending and inverting the environments in which they reside. Her interactive sculptures and space-related installations revolve around parallel worlds, material, varying concepts of reality and fiction, participation and the analysis of systems. The appearance of her work in public space conjures the unexpected. It forces the viewer to leave his comfort- zone. Her process is centered around the place and involves investigating and expanding its contents and contextual existence. Judith Leinen looks for unknowns and researches the complexity and synchronicity of things formally and otherwise. Her work uncovers the great potential of the volatile and intangible communication between a place and its people, as well as in her own practice, she experiments with the boundaries of sculpture and explores public and hidden spaces. She is also the co-founder of the art collective¬†Upper Bleistein.

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