Kinu Kamura

2018 Residency: May through July

Kinu Kamura is an emerging Franco-Japanese artist who mainly works in painting, digital collage, and sculpture. Her artistic process is strongly influenced by digital marketing for luxury brands and film production. Short-sighted since childhood, the artist’s investigation of the phenomenon of overconsumption of images and its impact on how we conceive and see the world is more than ever a source of inspiration. But how far does this « inspiration » go? Kimura questions the value and meaning of images which have been dramatically altered by the multiplication and democratization of social media. These clichés, generally little documented, end up by transforming social media such as Instagram into an abyss of visual recordings of all kinds. The eye no longer lingers on “watching” but just “seeing” a constant stream of images which at the end becomes unreadable if not blurry.

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