Sebastian Burger

Residency: June through August 2019

Sebastian Burger’s practice walks a fine line between representative and abstract painting. The starting point for his work consists of stylized imagery, often composed in a manner akin to collage, alternating precisely executed illusionism with two-dimensional representation. His work bears the influence of the legacy of surrealism and magic realism, as well as the metaphysical painting of Giorgio de Chirico, who has become a center of interest for a strong current of the emerging generation of young artists.”In my practice, I explore themes like the integrity of the human body, it’s physicalness and the construction of identity through materiality, textures, and surfaces. Furthermore, there are references and hints towards high and low brow art, art history, fashion as well as sexuality and violence. I am trying to create works that look back at their observers, draw them in with delicate textures and gradients but at some point may almost repulse them through the harshness of shapes, forms, and colors. I see my paintings as sediments of meaning derived from a multitude of references which may not seem logical at first but start to make sense through an intuitive approach. I think this ambivalence is what can keep a work of art interesting over a long period of time. Aluminum panels as the main support for my oil painting give the work a very clean almost industrial look-and-feel which augments the aforementioned themes

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