YinHua Chu

2014 Residency: July through August

For YinHua Chu (b. 1980), constant travel between different cities has caused the ideas and images associated with each to bleed into one another, and provided a stock of urban memories and associations that allows her to feel on intimate terms with any foreign city. She believes that one’s perception of the city is made up of layers of different images that can be made to coalesce into a single image only with great difficulty, and she has found it necessary to develop a variety of observational methods in order to do justice to the organic complexity of this perception.

YinHua uses photography as medium to explore different ways of seeing, treating the photographic image as a fragment frozen and extracted from the flow of time, and the camera as a bridge between mental image and visual perception. Her experiments have introduced new variables into some of the standard operations of both photography and urban geography.

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